I.T. Assistance

pic01aAs well as being a site for blogging and general musings dovesnet.co.uk can offer I.T. assistance through various solutions which will hopefully suit your needs. If it is something which relates to computers or the internet then dovesnet should be able to help. This makes dovesnet your first choice for all of your computer and internet related needs. If a solution to your needs doesn’t appear anywhere here on the site, feel free to email or get in touch using the contact page and we will be more than happy to do what we can to assist you.


Assistance and/or possible solutions are available in many areas to help with most computer and internet related queries, some of which are listed below.

  • Hosting / Building & Maintaining Websites / Blogs / Forums
  • HTML / DHTML / PHP / Java / JavaScript / CSS / Pascal / VBA / MySQL
  • Database Applications
  • Dreamweaver / WordPress / phpBB
  • Photoshop / Paint Shop Pro / Fireworks
  • Microsoft Outlook / PowerPoint / OneNote
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word / Excel / Access

dovesnet also has a presence in other areas on the web. If you’d like more information, again you can just email or you can get in touch via the Contact page.


Along with this site of course, below I have listed some of the sites which dovesnet has created and/or maintains. The page is always being updated, so come back frequently to see what content has been added.

This is a small personal blogging site run and moderated by me, dovesnet. With a bit of technical know-how the templates and contents can be easily modified and updated due to it being built using WordPress which is a great Content Management System (CMS) and a superb Blogging platform making it ideal for owners to customise as much or little as they like.

andyandgemwedding.co.uk This is a small site built to cater for the site owners wedding. A few design ideas were tried before deciding on the current site which suited the colour theme of the big day.

bygemma.com This, along with its identical twin sister site stationerybygemma.com, is a site on its way. The site as is, is an interim measure while the final site is being developed. It’s being updated all the time so keep an eye on it and is built to cater for the site owners beautifully crafted wedding stationery.

boosterschool.co.uk This site came to me as a simple info page. The owner required some interactivity with a contact page and additional info pages to help increase communication the information about the home tutor services available from Booster School.

endeavourmartialarts.co.uk This site originally served a purpose but was getting dated and difficult to maintain. The owner re-branded and wanted a site where content and info could be added easily, a blog page and online store was required along with better interactivity for its users.

forensiccareandindependentliving.co.uk This site, and its .com equivalent, is a simple site to convey the services they provide regarding the health care sector, in particular Forensic Care. Based on the ever changing industry they are in they also want to be able to make ad-hock changes so I’ve installed WordPress on it so they can manage the changes themselves.

Java Break This site was built many years ago (maybe around 2002-03) when I was studying the Java language (which was Java 1.4.2 at the time) and wanted somewhere to put my revision notes and reference links etc. It’s remained unchanged since then (so some links probably will not work now) but is still live on the web. I thought I would list it here as it reminds me when I first started with HTML so it’s nice for me to look back on and reminisce.


As well as the sites demonstrated above, dovesnet can also provide basic web pages for those who wish to have a minimal presence on the web. I call these ‘holding’ pages. These are single pages and act as place holders for users who have domain names but do not require a site (e.g. a few people I’ve done this for have purchased domains just so they can administer the use of consistently branded email address and have no need at present for a full on website). These single holding pages can contain as much or as little information as you like. Here is an example of a very basic one, andydove.co.uk. You can see it shows the name of the domain and contains links to basic methods of communication, in this case links to email, twitter, etc.

Free Downloads

As well as websites, dovesnet skills cover various software applications with which assistance can be given. Below is a list of items that I have created which can be downloaded for your own use. These cover a variety of file types and are provided in a .zip file format. Again this list is always being updated, so come back frequently to see what downloads have been added.

  • Calendar Creator: Excel (.xls) – Enter the year of choice, click a button, and it will generate a basic printable calendar for that year. (Built in MS Excel 2003 and works on most versions)